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2110 John Stockbauer, Victoria, TX, 77901   Opens at 10:00 AM

**What we do**
FWD is a business that buys overstocks and closeouts, "new" items the retail stores are selling right now at a high mark up, and we mark them down for quick liquidation. Other incarnations of this model include companies like Sam's Club or Direct Buy but they charge you an arm and a leg or even your first born for membership fees. FWD is open to the public and commercial enterprises. No fees just low prices. 40-80% off the MSRP year round. Because of our low overhead no store in town can compete with us apples to apples. If they are beating our prices there is a reason for it and it usually boils down to quality.

**About FWD**
Furniture Warehouse Direct is a family owned business started back in 2006. A friend introduced me to selling furniture at reasonable prices and when I saw what he was charging I was blown away, not in a good way. I immediately asked him how he was able to charge such high prices for furniture and mattresses and he just laughed. The problem was I had never bought any new furniture in my life so I didn't understand the value of his pricing. The first thing he told was go to Retail Store A,B,C, and D and look at the prices. Well I did and that was when I realized how affordable his place was year round.

Our goal since we opened our doors is to give the community the best prices we can give year round. Other stores have the occasional holiday sales but because of our ability to sell name brands at a fraction of the price of retail stores we have become your one stop shop for low prices all year long. Even if another store is having any holiday specials we still have to be the best price. A local retailer recently put out a sign that they would match anyone's prices. Who cares!!! Why would you leave to go match a price, come to a place that will always give you the best prices in the market.

Businesses like ours keep those high retailers in check. If we did not exist you could expect to pay an additional 10-30% higher prices because they do not have to contend with anyone else helping you the consumer out. In all honesty it should be a crime to shop anywhere else but here when we are the reason local retailers have had to stop charging their full markup. Our number one goal every day is to help out ever customer who walks through the door regardless of your budget. Victoria is our home and you are our community. Let me help you save money!

Christopher Stroop